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3D Illustration services for the

Architectural, Construction & Property Industries 

I can help you visualise & develop your designs

My hand drawn illustrations are the perfect solution for architects, interior designers, and developers who want to visualise their design concept in 3D. 

If you would like something different to highly finished computer renderings that are fresh & individual to your project, lets talk!

  I can help you capture the character of your design and communicate your ideas to your clients in a simple, informative, and distinctive way. 

Let me help you bring your ideas to life. 

Architectural  Illustrations

 My illustrations will allow your work to stand out from the crowd !

They can be produced a variety of styles, including line drawings, photomontages, and colored renderings, all drawn in a loose style that will allow your  clients to be easily engaged  & focus on the design, not the details. 

 Various views can  be produced including internal & external perspectives, aerial/axonometric illustrations, sectional cut aways/diagrams & sketch details at 1:1 scale.

The illustrations below are examples of how a different view or style can help explain

a design in a particular way 


Retail interior sketch

Interior perspectives can provide a detailed  understanding of the proposed elements within a space and how they are used and operate on a human scale

Proposed school design

From large scale architectural projects to small scale shopfronts this is a simple  way to illustrate your design proposals 

final 17.06 new.jpg

Often used for larger scale Interiors or architectural projects aerial views can easily convey the spatial relationships between spaces and are easy for clients to understand.

proposed shopfront design

Photomontages are a great way to illustrate the proposed changes to an existing building.They can also 

be very useful to highlight the relationship between a new bulding and its surroundings.

Mid floor retail unit
3D section sketch
3D visual

Thumbnail sketches of individual product display units or furniture items can be used at design development stages.The use of suggestive product display can provide a better  understanding of how they could  work

and help design development.

3D sectional drawings can provide an understanding of the architectural structure and can show activity on both the inside and outside of a building or room, and the relationship between both.


During my career I have produced illustrations for many private clients & also for architects and design practices that I have worked for throughout the UK & overseas.

Avison Young
Lawray Architects
Penhein Glamping
Brew& Co
Drinkall Dean
Tiny Rebel
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